Hello everyone,

For the last 3 months, I have been subjected to incessant attacks from a number of people who consider I am the original author / initiator of the campaign against Brazos Abiertos.

There is nothing more wrong and erroneous than this accusation, which was created and is being fuelled by James and Ellen Fields. I repeat: I have nothing to do with this.

It all started when I wrote an article about the Centro Histórico, its state of abandon and decadence, which I published in Crítcaypunto and Tataya´s Blogs. Within a long article debating many issues, I dedicated a couple of lines where I wrote that, as a matter of ethics, Mérida´s social reality demands a cleaning up, starting with the clandestine prostitution and pedophilia. This is when a certain Señor Julián González, whom I do not remember having ever met, left a comment and accused John Truax and José Solís of being the promoters of such crime in the Centro Histórico. In defense of myself, Truax & Solís and Brazos Abiertos, I demanded and challenged Mr. González to substantiate his accusation with documents and proofs and if unable to do so, his accusation would be unfounded and considered slander. Mr. González never produced such evidence, hence liberating Truax & Solís from any wrong doings. This was never taken in account by the Fields couple.

My blog is written in Spanish and it is obvious the Fields, who do not speak Spanish, have never read the article nor its comments. Nor have they, it seems, bothered and taken the step to have it translated. To the contrary: this was the beginning of a hate campaign and threats against me the Fields have nourished with insane indecency. Should they have read the article, they would have seen that I am not mentioning BA and that I am not the accusatory.

I therefore demand Mr. and Mrs. Fields to immediately withdrawn their calumnies and unreservedly apologize and to leave in peace all of us who want to live quietly in this city, which is why we came here.

To the Fields: be professional journalists, with the ethics it implies and please, find yourselves a translator, as a matter of emergency, who will tell you in English what I originally wrote.

Thank you for reading me

Gerardo Martínez


Galería Tataya Partner



  1. Then who is the author of the article published on this website? titled:
    “La triste y asombrosa historia de la falsa ONG “Brazos Abiertos” y sus colaboradores.” on which without any evidence or proof and with full distortion of the truth, you (Gerardo Martinez) accuse and defame Brazos Abiertos and Fundacion BAI AC? it seems you are indeed an accomplice of the person who started out these serious accusations. It is you who should apologize for your poor “journalist” work on this matter, spreading unfunded rumours started by “others”, and without the decency to provide any legal evidence to support your article.

      1. What unfunded rumours?
        BA: We own the building.
        Records: No you don’t
        BA: We are legal in Mexico.
        Records: No you are not.
        After several emails to BA in Houston asking what is up I still have not heard anything.

        Come to terms with it like I have I was defrauded!

        I have said it before, I have the docs to prove it. Anyone can contact me and I will email them to you.

        Would the Diario print the article without investigating?
        The person making this scandal public is the bad guy, the ones that ran out of the country are.
        Perhaps you are one of the persons who made money off the scan and are a little bitter you easy money looks like it is cut off.

      2. Oh Vince! Good one! Imagine who our family is, and then imagine that we have done wrong!

        Just keep up those comments against those of us not associated with BA and see how that helps you. Lash out at people who you do not know and accuse them of wrong-doing.

        Says more about the accuser than the accused.

        Perhaps you have ants in your pants. (we are only imagining)

      3. Dear FUA:
        How can i accuse you. I do not know who you are. I only write and make comments with my full name. Slow down and read my comments again…THE FACTS ARE IN about BA. I do not get into childish fights or who is powerful in this city, this state or country. Stop the drama, I am not afraid of anyone. I have no emenies, if you chose to make me your enemy that is on you and your sick thing. PAZ

  2. I am writing to change the tone and the personalization of this discussion and others that have been exchanged.

    After reading about the approaches taken by the MesoAmerica Foundation, I wrote to them the following message. I am copying it here because it seems to me the real issues are not ones of personalities but, rather, of responsible philanthropy.

    I am impressed by the level of research and dignity that the MesoAmerica Foundation has brought to this situation.

    In Washington DC, where I spent much of my life, I was a founding director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP). I served on that Board for more than a decade because I was
    and continue to be convinced that the only way we can get funding for controversial projects is to ensure that the tax laws and rules are followed.

    “Society” fundraising, in which I’ve spent uncountable hours, is one of the areas where lines get blurred and reports are fuzzy. In short, it doesn’t just happen in Merida that money raised through auctions and other events are not always reported correctly because some of the rules are confusing.

    Also, as the first woman Board member of the nationally recognized Whitman-Walker AIDS Clinic, I know how sensitive advocates need to be…not just to clients or potential clients but to the entire
    community. I respect your approach to this high intensity issue.

    Thank you for working to maintain the standards that can assure current and potential donors that their contributions are not being misused.

    Barbara Bode


  3. Sr Gerardo Martinez, following the article published in the Diario De Yucatan in which you repeated the allegations against Brazos Abiertos, it is going to be very difficult for you to maintain the stance you have written above. Your participation in the Diario article shows that you truly are an accuser of Brazos Abiertos. And by leaving ugly posts up on your blogs, you participate in the spread of lies.

    It is very hard for the fox to cry innocent while sitting in the henhouse, covered in blood and feathers.

    This whole affair is an ugly commentary on the vanities of certain people.

    1. SEÑOR EQUIS (which means Mr. X) IS OF COURSE JAMES FIELDS. First we have Mrs. FUA (Ellen Fields) then this one, spreading, as usual, their venom. Anonymously, of course.
      Diario de Yucatán is not going to write anything based on rumours. As a responsible Newspaper, they will first fully investigate the matter. If you have any objection on what was written, then address your complain to them directly.

    2. No, we have nothing to do with Diario de Yucatán. As we said, address your complain direct to them. Mesoamerica Foundation has published, and sent to a great number of people, their findings about Brazos Abiertos series of frauds. Frankly, Diario d.Y. didn´t need our help to write and publish their article.
      And we repeat: we have nothing to do with starting the campaign against BA, although we fully support it. Enough evidences of their frauds have been published and we, as Tataya, hold several proofs of frauds they have commited.

  4. Ellen Fields! James Fields! Your trailer park in America wants you back!

    Which is just as well, since Merida can’t be expected to recycle all the White Trash that escapes the U.S.

    Go back home, nobody wants you to stay in Merida!

  5. Dear Mr. Martinez,

    We absolutely agree on one big point: nobody should ever make knowingly false or undocumented accusations against anybody.

    The truth is that we have not made any accusation or written anything at all on your website or about you anywhere.

    This is our first comment ever on your website and we are signing our names to it. We have never posted any comment here, not anonymously or in any other way. (You can check the IP number of this comment against the IP numbers of all other comments to see for yourself that we are not the source of any criticism of you at all.)

    We are sorry you have been attacked by anonymous persons. But we have nothing to do with them and have no idea who they might be or what their motives are.

    Now you put us in the position of having to deny a negative. How does one prove that he or she did not do something? When accusing us of making false or unproven accusations, or of organizing a “campaign” against you – we don’t do that kind of thing against anyone – you seem to be committing the very lapse that you falsely accuse us of: false accusation.

    That seems overly paranoid and you should cease and desist immediately, if only because it doesn’t make you look any better than whoever is bothering you on the Internet. You have reduced yourself to their level.

    If somebody is telling you that we are behind any effort at all to attack you, it is that person who is misleading you.

    We repeat: this is the first comment we have ever made to your website, we sign our names to it, and it will be our last. We have no interest in you, positive or negative, and especially now that you have, in reckless disregard of the truth, made a false defamatory set of accusations against us.

    The many good people who actually know us know how absurd the suggestion is that we would have the time, let alone the inclination to organize this sort of attack. We are very busy trying to do positive things in our community, not negative ones.

    We hope that you will consider withdrawing your accusation, but whether you do or not our position will remain the same: complete non-involvement with your activities or with you as a person.


    Ellen and Jim Fields
    Eclectec SA de CV

    1. What I find so peculiar is why Ellen Fields and James Fields are so adament about demanding that Gerarod Martinez withdraw an allegation made against John Truax and Jose Solis.

      Both Truax and Solis are adults: Unless THEY demand an apology or retraction from Mr. Martinez, I just wonder why the Fields’ give a #uck about the situation.

      Obviously, neither Truax nor Solis have even bothered to respond, so why are Ellen Fields and James Fields so affronted?

      JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! Oh, Ellen, Oh, James, your audience on the THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW are calling!

      Be on your way, you White Trash denizens!


  6. Dear Dan:

    As I read the comment from the Fields I do not see them asking to remove the comments about BA or John Truax only the accusations about themselves.

    I find their letter professional and peaceful. I agree with the points;
    no accusations without evidence. I never made comments about BA being a fraud, only that they were disorganized. Now that I have seen the actual evidence I can no longer deny the facts.

    1. Everyone knows BA owns the building by now. You did a poor research, shame on you for that and for spreading lies with outdated information. Here are your facts!

      It’s so easy, just fill in Calle 72 # 463 letter A, crussamiento 55.
      After this you will see for yourself the Catastro registry from the official site of the Yucatan government. I think what it says there under the owner tab is FOUNDATION BAI civil association. I believe the government will only list legally established non profits owning buildings in town.

      There you go! Preach with your real facts now, instead of the manipulated information you’ve got. Peace!

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