Hello everyone,

For the last 3 months, I have been subjected to incessant attacks from a number of people who consider I am the original author / initiator of the campaign against Brazos Abiertos.

There is nothing more wrong and erroneous than this accusation, which was created and is being fuelled by James and Ellen Fields. I repeat: I have nothing to do with this.

It all started when I wrote an article about the Centro Histórico, its state of abandon and decadence, which I published in Crítcaypunto and Tataya´s Blogs. Within a long article debating many issues, I dedicated a couple of lines where I wrote that, as a matter of ethics, Mérida´s social reality demands a cleaning up, starting with the clandestine prostitution and pedophilia. This is when a certain Señor Julián González, whom I do not remember having ever met, left a comment and accused John Truax and José Solís of being the promoters of such crime in the Centro Histórico. In defense of myself, Truax & Solís and Brazos Abiertos, I demanded and challenged Mr. González to substantiate his accusation with documents and proofs and if unable to do so, his accusation would be unfounded and considered slander. Mr. González never produced such evidence, hence liberating Truax & Solís from any wrong doings. This was never taken in account by the Fields couple.

My blog is written in Spanish and it is obvious the Fields, who do not speak Spanish, have never read the article nor its comments. Nor have they, it seems, bothered and taken the step to have it translated. To the contrary: this was the beginning of a hate campaign and threats against me the Fields have nourished with insane indecency. Should they have read the article, they would have seen that I am not mentioning BA and that I am not the accusatory.

I therefore demand Mr. and Mrs. Fields to immediately withdrawn their calumnies and unreservedly apologize and to leave in peace all of us who want to live quietly in this city, which is why we came here.

To the Fields: be professional journalists, with the ethics it implies and please, find yourselves a translator, as a matter of emergency, who will tell you in English what I originally wrote.

Thank you for reading me

Gerardo Martínez


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